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Ashtakavarga Rules in Vedic astrology, lagna/ascendant & all seven planets together) is prepared - together is known as Samudaya or Sarvashtakvarga.
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Saturn in 3 — 6 — 11 houses,. Rahu and Ketu in 3 — 6 — 11 houses. But the question is how much a planet in a house could be effective? That would be decided by ashtakvarga. Nevermind, ashtakvarga is not that easy. Sanjay Rath ji have written a whole book on ashtakvarga.

The more value of ashtakvarga means more effective that planet will be in that house. Like in above table mars in 4th house have 7 point means mars will give highest effect in 4th house. If value becomes lower than 7 the effectiveness of that planet in that house will decrease proportionately. Labels: Ashtakvarga , astrologer , astrology , benefic , birth , chart , horoscope , houses , jyoti , kundali , malefic , moon , mother , new delhi , planets , prediction , sun , transit , vedic.

Sun is the primordial source of energy. Every living being derives the life energy from Sun directly or indirectly, in some or the other form. Plants make food by the process of photosynthesis, which can take place only in the presence of sunlight.

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Herbivores are dependent over food made by plants and carnivores are dependent over their animate preys. Thus, stability of ecosystem and food-chain is dependent over energy of Sun. There is a significant difference between Sun and the remaining planets. Sun generates energy of its own, while the planets are not able to do so.

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Ashtakvarga system of astrology has a unique role in predicting results obtained during transits of various planets. At the time of its transit, Sun will produce results based on 2 factors;. Let us take a simple, yet effective example to understand the concepts of Ashtakvarga and transits of planets Sun being the planet of interest in this example. Now, suppose Sun is in transit, and while transit, it moves over various signs rasis.

If Sun is transiting over a sign rasi which has 0 benefic points , death is likely.

Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakvarga: Vedic Astrology Series in English by Vinay Aditya

If Sun is transiting over a sign rasi which has 1 benefic points , sickness, worries and miseries of all kinds are likely. If Sun is transiting over a sign rasi which has 2 benefic points , wrongdoings, despair, theft, quarrels are likely.

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If Sun is transiting over a sign rasi which has 3 benefic points , troubles of physical body, troubles of mind wandering mind, worried mind, confused mind etc are likely. Ashtakvarga principles can also be applied for determination of time of Marriage, birth of Children, matching of horoscopes for Marriage and for Muhurtha for various activities and functions.

What is Ashtakavarga?

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